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  • Announcing "LMI Beginners' Puzzle Contests"

    Basic : There will be 2 rounds of 40 minutes each. Each round will contain 8 puzzles of a distinct type, meaning the contest as a whole will cover 2 types. Each round's puzzles will be divided into four categories, with 2 puzzles per category :
    1. Introductory - These will strictly be extremely basic puzzles, of trivial sizes.
    2. Intermediate - The sizes may vary but logically these must be trivial. (10x10 can be maximum size unless it is a puzzle type with different dimensional characteristics e.g. Skyscrapers would have a 6x6 cap.)
    3. Challenging - Here we reach the typical Monthly test lower pointer level. A few techniques/patterns can be used, and the sizes may vary. (10x10 cap on size unless it is a puzzle type with different dimensional characteristics e.g. Skyscrapers would have a 9x9 cap).
    4. Exploratory - This is defined as a twisted version of the rules of the puzzle type. The twist must provide a different perspective while not deviating much logically.

    There will be bonuses separately available for finishing each of these categories. These bonuses are not fixed and will be computed based on each contest's puzzle points distribution. Visit -

  • Serkan Yürekli, the Turkish puzzler who invented the Tapa puzzle type, organizes an annual double contest dedicated solely to his invention which has gained substantial popularity within the Puzzle community. The contests are the Classic Tapa Contest which started last year, and Tapa Variations Contest which was started in 2010. Logic Masters India have hosted these contests since 2011.

    The Classic Tapa Contest is run on an online interface with a new puzzle daily for 30+ days and features only the normal Tapa type. CTC also features an exciting new feature that allows competitors to see the other players' solves either after a person completes that particular puzzle or when that puzzle is ineligible for scoring. This helps provide an instructive insight into the methods used by other solvers to go about solving the puzzle.

    The Tapa Variations Contest is a set of 4 contests, each run over a separate weekend, featuring different varieties of slight rule changes to the normal Tapa type. Each individual contest is 75 minutes long.

  • Indian Sudoku Championship 2013
    Prasanna Seshadri scores a double win (IPC and ISC) this year.
    Rohan Rao takes the 2nd position and Rishi Puri 3rd.

  • Indian Sudoku Championship

    Date: 11th August, 2013.
    Time: 2 PM.
    Duration: 150 minutes (similar to IPC).
    Check out the Instruction booklet posted at ISC website.
    All doubts regarding same can be asked in the forum topic by clicking on the "Discussion Thread" link.

    Why ISC is held -
    1. To determine the official Indian Sudoku Champion. This is a fair competition that will be open to all, and the winner shall have the pride of being considered the National Champion for the year 2013.
    2. To invite 4 deserving candidates (other than the 4 Times Sudoku winners, even if some of the 4 repeat in the ISC top 4) to the World Sudoku Championships, so that they can benefit from the exposure to that level.

    ISC is free and open to all. Participants will have the pride of competing against all of the nation's best solvers.

    The other benefit is that the forum discussion goes on Before, During and After the Competition, enabling interaction with National as well as International experienced solvers. Also, Brain Games participants have a decent peek into the difficulty levels beyond the Brain Games and how they can improve towards those levels in the future years.

  • Times Sudoku winners will represent India at the World Sudoku championship at Beijing - Bryan Durham

    All good things have come in twos this time around. At the national edition of the Times Sudoku Championship in Mumbai on Friday, the final four got there in a nail-biting two-hour finale. Rohan Rao and Prasanna Seshadri are Mumbaikars while the other two, Rishi Puri and Jaipal Reddy, are from Hyderabad.

    The four, who are known to each other, “met and clicked” and since 2007, have regularly practised and improved their skills and are quite familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Rishi Puri, the country’s new Sudoku champ, is a 39-year-old freelance IT developer, who doesn’t just solve puzzles or create them in his spare time, he also teaches children to love and play the game with a fervour that has seen him win this year. A selfconfessed fan of all “brain games”, his romance with puzzles began with “early introduction to chess, moving on to Rubik’s cubes by age 7 and Sudoku among other puzzles thereafter”. In fact, the only “physical game” Puri plays, is badminton.

    Placing second, Prasanna Seshadri, 22, was the runner-up in the Mumbai round. The avid puzzle creator bettered him in the penultimate round. “I excelled in the third round and this led to my win,” Seshadri surmises.

    World number eight Rao returns to help claim national glory along with his teammates this year in Beijing, China. Last year, the Indian team placed seventh overall. The new team choruses that this year, the aim is to finally break into the top five. “Last year was the breakthrough,” admits Rao, who placed third this year.

    In fourth place and completing the quartet is Hyderabad-based educator Jaipal Reddy, who “runs schools in Hyderabad” and is the “president of a district co-operative bank” when not playing Sudoku. In fact, this year’s winner, Puri teaches Sudoku at Reddy’s schools once a week. Heading into the World Championship in October, the champs will continue practising even as they “exchange ideas”, “sit and discuss” and “continue competing” in a bid to win individually and as a team.

  • 2012 Su-doku winner retains title, 13-yr-old youngest finalist - TIMES NEWS NETWORK

    Tension saturated the air of Ravindra Natya Mandir in Prabhadevi on Saturday, where 1,000 participants competed for the four winning spots at The Times of India Su-doku championship. At the city event, 89 participants proceeded to the final round, four of whom were concluded winners.

    Among the winners was 39-year-old newspaper vendor Rajesh Baniya, who stood fourth after having made only one error in the final round. “I couldn’t complete my graduation for several reasons, but I have been considered to be good in mathematics and I love numbers. I have participated in The Times of India Sudoku championship for the last four years. The competition this year was intense and I was not expecting to win,” said Baniya. Baniya barely has any time to solve puzzles, however, he does manage to solve them between tea breaks, which are not more than 15 minutes.

    The other positions were occupied by three 22-yearolds—Rohan Rao who came first, Prasanna Seshadri in second place, while Manuj Arora stood third. Rao, the defending champion of last years’ Sudoku contest, was the only Indian to make it to the top 10 at the World Sudoku Championship. A resounding applause broke the tense atmosphere as Rao was called on stage to accept his position as winner of the Mumbai Sudoku championship. “The competition was just like last year when I finished solving the puzzles in approximately the same time as this year.” After completing his masters in applied statistics from IIT-Powai, Rao now works as a business analyst with a firm. “I have represented India in the world championships for the last five years,” he added. He completed the puzzle in 27 minutes on Saturday. Seshadri, who came second, is not only an avid Sudoku solver, but also creates Sudoku puzzlesfor severallocal and national level events. “I am an author more than a solver, hence I want to take the aspect of creating puzzles more seriously,” said Seshadri, who also makes challenging puzzles for his blog.

    Engineering graduate Arora, who came third, said he acknowledges the fact that Sudoku needs more platforms in the country. “We definitely need more platforms for competitive participation in Sudoku, especially at the state and regional levels,” said Arora. The four finalists from Mumbai will participate in the nationallevel competition next month. The four finalists from that contest will get to participate in the World Sudoku Championship.

    Thirteen-year-old Karthik Anantharaman, a student of DAV Airoli School, was the youngest to make it to the final round. “The second round was challenging. The competition itself was tricky, but I enjoyed it,” he said. Karthik participated in the championship event last year too and wants to continue participating in future.

  • Two Chennaiites in the National Su-doku Championship - By Ashish Ittyerah Joseph

    It was a packed venue at the Times Su-doku Championship on Saturday morning when number junkies got busy filling up squares as they attempted to crack the puzzle grids in the allotted time. One of the participants summed the game aptly when he said, “Su-doku is a one-man chess”.

    While Rishi Puri, a 39-year-old IT professional from Hyderabad won the championship, M Ezhilarasi, a law student from Government Law College in Chengalpet, bagged the first runner-up title followed by S Kishore Kumar, a public sector employee in Chennai, who shared the second runner-up place with M Jaipal Reddy, 39, from Hyderabad.

    The top four really whizzed their brain through the rows and columns and wrapped up the entire set of puzzles within the stipulated time of 60 minutes. “The puzzles were considerably easy and I am quite content that I could solve all the eight puzzles according to my time plan. I wrapped everything in 40 minutes,” stated Ezhilarasi, 22, who has been representing her college at the IIT Saarang Su-doku competitions for the last two years.

    She stated that her interest in the game started since her school days, and now, she is so addicted to the game that she can’t remember a single day in the recent past without solving at least one puzzle. “The first thing that I get to do when I open the newspaper in the morning is to check out the Sudoku section. And, being a law student, this helps me to analyze case studies better than other students as the puzzles sharpen my analytical skills,” she added.

    Kishore’s confidence in the game too is supreme. “I participated in the 2012 Times Su-doku Championship and cleared the preliminary round. This boosted my confidence manifold. Now, with this achievement, I am really looking forward to the national level championship,” said the 24-year-old.

    A few young bubbly kids too were seen in attendance at the competition. Eleven-year-old Karthik Reddy, a school student, was seen putting his heart and soul into it. “I have finished four classics and one variant with ease,” announced Karthik. The young boy was simply being honest when he said, “My father taught me the brain game of Su-doku, but my real passion lies in cricket.”

    From 16 participants in the finale in Mumbai on August 3, four will be selected for the World Su-doku Championship in Beijing in October. Logic Masters India was the puzzle creators of the championship.

    (L-R) M Ezhilarasi, S Kishore Kumar, M Jaipal Reddy and Rishi Puri

  • Indian Puzzle Championship (IPC) 2013 results:
    The Indian Puzzle Championship 2013 was held online on 7th July, 2013.
    Mr. Prasanna Seshadri, the runner-up at the 2012 Indian Puzzle Championship, won the IPC 2013 Championship. Going ahead he will represent India at the World Puzzle Championship 2013 in China in October 2013. He is also one of the contributors for the Chennai Brain Games. Mr. Rohan Rao, the other contributor for the Chennai Brain Games stood fourth. Slowly but surely Indians are making their mark in such an unsung sport which is a good sign.
    Official IPC score page -
    The score page with International participants included -
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  • Landmark Quiz, one of the oldest Open quizzes in India, is an annual quiz contest instituted in 1992 by Landmark Bookstore. Every year, on the 15th of August, the Music Academy on TTK Road gets filled up beyond its capacity as quiz enthusiasts throng the venue to make it to the finals of the Landmark Quiz. About 2000 teams of three participate and every year the number is just increasing. The event is held in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai on various dates. Registration forms for the year 2013 are yet to be released but the excitement has already started building up among the Chennai Quizzers.

  • Times Sudoku Championship kicks off on July 1, 2013